Braxtons Tap and Grill

1093 Talbot Street

N5P St. Thomas

Braxtons Tap and Grill is a very fine establishment serving amazing food!!! Check out this incredible menu, starting with light starters to classics pub fare. For lunch why not try a pasta or a pizza or a healthy salad or wholesome soup. For dinner there is everything that you could ever possibly want, from fish to steaks to poultry, big meaty sandwiches and loads more!!! Braxtons Tap and Grill also offers some traditional food, Mexican quesadillas and fajitas, also available British style fish and chips. Braxtons Tap and Grill - an incredible restaurant serving you only the very best.
Have you tried:
  • 1Garlic & Cheese Pan Bread
  • 2Calamari
  • 3Breaded Pickle Spears
  • 4Cashew Chicken
  • 5Classic Potato Skins